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Happy New Astrological year! | Spring Equinox

Throughout my healing journey, I have found better ways to work with energy. To understand the Universe, you must innerstand Energy. Everything is energy. Most of it unseen. Sometimes felt or heard.

We are currently experiencing a variety of energy upgrades in this Earth realm to alchemize the unbalanced chakras of the planet. Yes, just like humans, the planet has chakras too - see image below.

I look at the astrological shifts as experimenting with God-like forces. How can I best dance with the Gods? Or as Caroline Casey says "Making the Gods work for you" Audiobook link (Highly recommend this!).

Currently, My Lunar North Node in Pisces at 28 degrees in the 9th house is being highlighted in more healing ways than I could ever imagine thanks to transit Venus, Sun and Chiron. For me, innerstanding my Lunar nodes was the best astrology medicine! This is your Karma (south) and Dharma (north) frequencies in this lifetime.

We are currently experiencing a new astrological year and the Spring Equinox (March 20, 2021). Just like plants react to the shift in seasons, so do humans but are we using these energies to the best of our ability? Are you taking more time to contemplate your emotional body and what It needs right now?

How does your heart feel today?

I was processing guilt for resting the other day when I thought "I have all these amazing new video and photo projects to edit but man my body is like nooooooo" lol

Friday night, I felt the wave of light energy come into my field. My ears were ringing a total new upgraded vibration and my body was blissed out! The conversations with Spirit have elevated recently too. It's like this gateway is birthing a new way of living, existing, giving, and receiving Love. A big energy doorway.

Be the observer of what comes up for you right now. Not everyone's experience will be the same. Your level of Self-awareness is everything. Allow your body to guide you. Practice your intuition and you will maintain your Golden frequency. Sometimes this is easier said than done but honestly, there is no more time to cuddle our wounds. Let shit go. Move through and transmute it.

Setting your inner child free from the trauma, confusion, guilt, sadness and worry allows this Spring Equinox to boost your mental, physical and spiritual state. This is the clearing of the subconscious mind that stores emotional blockages. This is why it is SO important to have a daily self-healing practice to balance these energies so they don't catch you off guard. I AM sharing this to prepare you because, man....this decade will come with Universal changes.

This Equinox feels like the oven is set on Broil though lol There have been so many layers of releasing for me. It gets easier when you see your fears as entities and have conversations with them.

What is this fear rooted from? Most times the inner child......but no one talks about the FIRST VERSION OF YOUR CHILD PSYCHE. When you first experienced a disconnect with God - when your Innocence was stolen & abused.

As I was journaling in the Sun today, that first version of my child self appeared. Very light body angelic. During the times of Lemuria, Our bodies would glow. Our planet was in a higher frequency and could hold that protection for us.

When the Masculine was introduced on Earth through the ancient civilization of Atlantis, the polarity was embodied. We experimented with energy - pushed it to its limits. The Martians attacked Earth, etc. etc.... Millions of years ago we were not all human on this planet. The humans then had powerful innate abilities.

They strip our innocence in the Education system when they program us to believe the White man is the savior and not the one that raped and murdered children for their Light and Innocence. They don't teach us to believe there is life outside of Earth because we would become free-thinkers, creators, for ourselves...which means they couldn't feed off of us.

In this memory, I experienced parasites feeding off my energy until I left my body consciousness - I died. I have seen/experienced many versions of death - it's fascinating stuff and not all light of course.

During the times of Atlantis (which are the timelines we are collapsing now), abuse of power was at its peak creation. I won't get much into it - I do recommend these 2 Youtube Videos to innerstand the parallel universe we are living in right now so that we can have the awareness of how to cancel this programming as it arising in our collective.

To close out, open up to your subconscious mind to who you really are as a human. Especially those of melanin skin - We have a direct tether with Source, el Sōl, Light. Many of us are terrified of embodying our gifts because of the layers of suppression we have experienced throughout our lifetimes.

Throughout my content and sessions, I will continue to bring the awareness of healing those aspects of ourselves that will assist in ending what we think are "Family curses" from this illusion programming.

I AM down for the tribe. I AM down for the Spiritual Revolution. I AM down to anchor in change for the highest good of all.

I Love you. Be well. Drink plenty of water and take a break from the internet and devices.

Peace and blessings,



Quantum Sōl

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