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Gaia's Womb

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Creation begins in the womb.

When I think of planet Earth, I see and feel The Womb. The Ultimate Womb, God, Source. We are in Gaia’s womb - it is a real thing.

How are you taking care of this womb? Do you love her? Do you sing to her? Do you bring her offerings? Do you cleanse with her? Do you heal with her?

How are you taking care of our mother?

As a very young child, the one thing I knew for sure was my Divine connection with the land. It would speak to me. Not in words but in light energy. I could hear her in my heart too. She would tell me she loved me every time I climbed trees to escape my reality. She gave me comfort when I didn’t want to be on Earth any longer. When the pain I was feeling felt like Death.

Each day I thank Her many times a day for keeping me alive, for giving birth to me and allowing me to play in her garden.

I saw so much pain growing up. The neighbors were mirroring the same pain body as our home. Pain attracts pain. The man upstairs was an addict and would beat his wife and children almost everyday. I could hear and feel his rage. The energy would paralyze me. He reminded me of my father, who was around until I was about 10ish. The upstairs children would come running to our apartment for sanctuary often. I questioned God for this - “give me pain but why them?” I would find my Spirit wanting to change things but also mad af at God. It wasn’t fair. The pain I witnessed only increased from there until I had a spiritual healing experience with the Death Goddess “Santa Muerte” about 5 years ago.

I was in the thick of depression then. That night I prayed not to wake up - like I really begged for it. I was carrying so much pain. I hated myself. My attitude to life was manifesting more friction because I just didn’t give a fuck about much besides wanting to continuously escape through drugs, alcohol and/or sex.

I was experiencing what is known as a Saturn return in Astrology - it is when the planet Saturn stations at the same degree/sign as your natal Saturn (at the time of your birth) for the first time. The peak is at age 29. Saturn is the authority energy that comes rollin' in ya life to give you a master lesson on what is working and what is keeping you stuck. It was tower moment after tower moment for many years until I finally surrendered. Saturn knocked down everything I thought I loved and wanted.

I AM so grateful for Saturn’s lessons. It’s one of my favorite energies to work with now as I embrace the wisdom of building strong, long-term foundations.

When I started my Reiki journey 2 years ago in Long Beach it rocked my world. It really made me even more depressed tbh (at the beginning) because now I had to face all my deepest fears and ancestral shit that I avoided for forever.

I was willing and committed to shift this within myself and within the collective. If it is happening to me, I already knew it was happening to millions of others. We live in a world that doesn’t fully support our rising and that's okay. We are not trying to fix that, we are here to elevate it.

To create something completely new, we must dissolve, dismantle and transmute the energies trapped in our bodies, DNA and narratives (for lifetimes)!

In order for Spirit/God/Goddess/Source/Universe to really run through as YOU, we must keep an open heart. I AM working on mastering this and proud of how far I’ve come. I AM willing to put in the work no matter how uncomfortable it can be.

It’s time to mature spiritually. To elevate our pain, collectively. Being of service to others takes great compassion, empathy and unconditional love. How can we give that to others authentically if you can’t find that for ourselves within our hearts? At all times! Can we stay neutral when shit changes? Can we stay centered when we are triggered?

To move this energy takes complete vulnerability too.

Upgrading how you purge. If you can’t stand to see a picture of them or the thought of them causes you fear, anxiety, sadness or rage, YOU HAVEN’T HEALED THAT WOUND. Go deeper.

Make sure you reach out for help when you need it - in the physical and “non-physical” realm.

You are the captain of your own reality. Are you being clear to the Universe of what you truly desire with your daily actions? Are you applying yourself to be a better person everyday?

Where does Love live in your life today? How do you want to shift your life for the better today?

Dance, move your body, yell, run fast af but don’t give up. You reincarnated during this time in history for a reason.

Support and Love surrounds you always. Just ask out loud what you need. Ask the wind, sun, land how you want to be held.

Spread peace and Love Everyday.



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