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Discernment and Speaking your Truth

Grand rising fam,

Happy Venus day 🌹

It's been a minute since I've had the energy to blog.

So much of my old life and inner child wounds are dissolving. It's like I've been going through this DEEP Shadow kill...Like how did I live with all these demons for so long? lol

I picture myself like Bruce Lee every time my shadows come up - I really do feel like whuppin' someone's ass and I have to honor that. ⚔️

I learn a lot from anger. It has actually taught me how to soften. How to have better control of my own energy. Anger can show me where things are not aligned for me anymore.

It's all about BALANCE! What is balance for me and what tools I use, may not be for everyone. I AM here to share different ways we can allow vulnerability to show us the way to a healthier life.

I AM very blessed to have the strength to keep my heart open at this time when EVERYTHING in and around me is changing. I mean....all my deep ancient wounds have been coming up to the surface, especially those of Mū and Atlantis. I have wept so much in the last few weeks. 😭

Those are the timelines that are healing/alchemizing for this collective consciousness shift on Earth right now.

Through this healing process lately, I've come to realize how much of my authentic Self shines through once I have taken the time/energy to transmute those Shadow aspects. When my mind tells me that someone is doing something to me - I know that is my ego/conditional mind talking, wanting attention to clear.

Everyone is a mirror therefore taking responsibility for everything we attract, dissolves our emotional wounds. For me, it was the victim mentality. Your body can now act as a vortex after cutting cords with the emotional tethers, magnetizing the things you desire and need at the moment to complete Mission. That's not to say you won't be challenged but it's different because of your shift in perspective.

There are LEVELS to healing yourself. It will never end. This is a lifestyle.

Most times it's the inner child that had to grow up fast AF to protect him/herself because of the violent and sexual abuse they experienced.

It's my inner child that leads me closer to God yet it can drown me in the belief that I AM in serious danger when NOTHING is happening....

Trauma is an entity.

Experiencing trauma fucks with all of your beingness. Your emotional, physical and spiritual body. It distorts the nervous system. FOR LIFETIMES! To truly heal these wounds, past life regression will be hella vital to innerstand your soul and Ascension.

I've been in deep conversations with Spirit lately about Energy. How the Matrix (3D reality) is created through emotional control (life-force energy), to keep humans asleep (cut off) from their own power so other entities can control.

This is what is happening now in our collective. "Operation Slave race" is getting large by the day with humans believing that injecting themselves will take their fear of Death away.

To each their own tho.

I do not consent to the DNA experiments that are taking place in the collective right now. I do not fear it for it is necessary to have this polarity in our collective now to filter out the backdrop people.

This is not my Truth I AM sharing but it is the Truth about the Illusion that so many of us identify with. This is what speaking Truth (capital "T") means to me. I will be launching a new group Podcast project in May so stay tuned for more of these interdimensional conversations.


We have a huge lack of discernment in this realm.

I myself got caught up in the spells of the matrix a few weeks ago when I was being stubborn about releasing the wound of the "mother" archetype. One of my default reactions to healing is running away. As a human with a lot of Fire in their chart, this is never hard for me to do lol but what purpose does it serve?

This type of "running away" addiction was through adding more work to my plate this month.

Stuff I AM capable of executing but I wasn't passionate about - it wasn't my highest purpose. So I tried it for a very short time and it depleted the fuck outta me!

This strong awareness connection I have with my body has to do with loads of Self shadow work. My body will tell me straight up if something is for my highest good.

It's grounding the conditional mind so that the pattern, cycle or illusion stops creating itself in my life experience.

It's finding that sweet pause before you react (or do the same fuck shit you always do) and thank your shadow of fear, anxiety, worry, doubt for letting you know that you no longer need to carry the baggage and can start a new narrative in the now.

Breathe it out. Release it as dark smoke leaving your body and TRASMUTING into Light energy.

Everything with Ease and no shame. We are re-parenting ourselves and we deserve to do it with Love.

The Ego and shadow can be beautiful blessings in disguise if you allow them to teach you and not control the experience. Be the observe.

To wrap this up. Healing yourselves is very important.

Getting to know your inner demons and wounds is very important.

Getting to know Love in your heart is essential.

A daily Spiritual practice is hella important.

Innerstanding Light energy is our new language in this beast world in order to evolve.

The answers you are seeking will always be within your heart.

You are the Love experience you have been waiting for.

We are here to set ourselves free. It's not about the old world falling (but I AM here for it lol 🍿) - it's about YOU embodying the Divine IN YOU so that we can vibrate higher on this Planet.

We are the keyholders.

We are the Higher council of Light here to build the new web.

We are starting a new collective.

Be blessed.

Stay hydrated.



© Love Quantum Sōl

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