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Welcome to the Love, Quantum Sōl Blog!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Welcome fam! I AM so happy to birth this movement with y'all! This Blog space is set with the intention to expand the conversation of that is reality, what is healing, what is New Earth? And obviously my voice on the dismantling of the matrix, as we set the space to welcome in the new Golden era.

I will be sharing lots of raw pieces of my healing and spiritual expansion as I could only be the best example of my own soul medicine. So many times I felt alone, afraid and confused as to how to just Be. I AM here to remind you that we are never alone. The Light of the Universe/God always resides in your hearts - It's up to you to unlock it. Many of us, especially in the black and brown communities we are not taught to love with healthy boundaries. We are not caught how to balance energy and ground/embody our gifts. As children, we inherit emotional trauma, tribal thinking, diets and fears that are imprinted in the womb. This is why doing your shadow work is important to reach your most authentic self so that you can experience the vitality we desire. Shadow work is clearing, processing and transmuting the deep subconscious mind. It is needed to have discernment, especially as the old world order is falling, so that we can stay grounded in our bodies during these Earth upgrades. I would like to add, the entire human body and chakra system is being upgraded right now and will continue throughout this decade. Being in quarantine allowed the majority of us to contemplate life. What is true for me? Who do I want to spend my time with? How do I care for my body? I will be sharing a lot of tools to assist you as well as insights on the current energy shifts so that you can apply yourself to the dance of the cosmos. I AM just Love Consciousness living this human experience with you to anchor Heaven on Earth, New Earth. Thank you with all my heart for reading this, for booking sessions, share my work and for all your love. Stay hydrated! Peace and infinite gratitude, Sosa

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