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Can You Let Me Love You? (Spoken word)

I wrote this piece a month ago. I was having such an illuminism weekend with friends and was spending hours by the ocean side, sunbathing in the sunsets. Ah, I love Cali!

As el Sōl was setting, I felt/heard "The Sun 'going down' is an illusion. The Sun is not moving. What perspective do you have?" That message got me into observer mode. I could feel my higher self in me so I closed my eyes and threw my consciousness above me....... I felt "I AM here. In the stillness is the healing. As the observer, I can dissolve the illusions. Stay open. Keep your heart open while doing the work."

I went into a deep state with God/Goddess and this is what came through. I created this visual art as a meditation w/ the footage of that very Sunset.

Feel the energy of the words by focusing on deep breathing from your belly. Close your eyes if you're comfortable while listening.

Key lesson:

Love will always be the answer. Begin your healing journey by opening yourself to receiving love from the Universe/God/Goddess/Higher Power. Always. Remember who you are.

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