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Hold The Light High. [Spoken Word]

My melanin is Gold.

My healing is nothing you've ever seen before.

My soul wisdom more ancient than you could ever imagine.

My DNA is activating.

My body Remembering Love so Pure and Deep::

The Art of Becoming Higher Self.

My heart open.

My walls breaking down.

I AM learning how to love myself again.

I AM picking myself off the floor


I AM rising like you’ve never seen before.

I share my Light with you to plant seeds of Consciousness.

To allow you to Remember with me.

Remember that we are more than basic humans.

That you are Love and LOVED.

Just BEing is enough.

Feel the gratitude of your breath.

Feel the warmth of your heart.

You are Here.

You are Here in this TIMELINE to ALCHEMIZE.

Alchemize all the wounds and wisdom.

And set ourselves free.

Hold The Light High.

© Love, Quantum Sōl


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